How To Get Influential Blogs to Talk About You

One of the main themes from the comments on the 3 Things I’ve learned over the past 2 Months post is how to get influential blogs to write about you.

I hope to address that with this post.

How To Get Influential Blogs to Talk About YouIf you want influencers to talk about you, you must give them a reason to write about you. You must have a story for them to tell that will be of interest to their audience. Without a relevant story, it’s game over. So spend time creating a website, blog post or contest… something that is remarkable that people can’t resist but talk about.

Once you’ve created something that is truly remarkable, send an email to the influential blogs that are relevant to your niche telling them why they should write about you.

Some of the blogs you contact may end up writing about you, but most probably won’t, and that’s okay because it only takes one influential blog to write about you in order for your story to spread to other blogs.

If you don’t find success with your first email, change up a few things.

Give them a new story angle.
Perhaps your original story idea wasn’t a good fit for that blog. Present your story from a different angle.

Submit your story idea on the weekend.
I’ve been surprised at how well this has worked for me. Most influential blogs need content on the weekend just like they do during the week. The only problem is that most companies aren’t making news over the weekend. Fill this void by submitting your content when everybody else isn’t.

Try emailing a different editor.
Influential blogs usually have multiple editors. Perhaps the editor that read your previous submission wasn’t interested in your story. But there may be another editor that is interested.

In conclusion, I want to encourage you not to give up and to always experiment with new ways to reach the influential bloggers in your niche. I hope you find these simple tips helpful. Thanks for reading.