Promoting Your Website Through Content (Articles) Marketing

Yesterday I started our discussion on 9 different ways to market and promote your website’s content online. We started with content marketing which can be a great search engine optimization (SEO) tactic to gain exposure as well as valuable incoming links back to your site. I explained how to create an article and even where you could find great freelance article writers. Now, let’s talk about how and where you submit these articles as well as the benefits of doing so.

Promoting Your Website Through Content (Articles) Marketing


Some of the ways in which article writing can be used to help benefit your site:


A. From the Resource

When an article is published on an article directory or niche sites related to that of yours, which let you guest post, so too is a link to a specific page on your website. This is a very powerful way of getting links back to specific pages within your site, and you can use it to improve the page authority of the web page you choose.

That link comes from the URL you provide in your ‘Author’s resource’ section of the article in which you can publish a link to any page that you want from your website. Most people just give the home page URL, and while that is useful, you should also include a link to another page on your website that is more relevant to the article you have written.

Most directories permit at least two links in the resource, and I always use a link to my homepage and to a page that offers more information on the title of my article. That’s what your readers will expect, so make sure they get it! Always give your readers what they expect to see when you submit articles online, so if you write an article about SEO services, send them to your SEO services page when they click on your Resource link.

Don’t just send them to your homepage! You want to help improve the search index ranking for all pages of your site, not just the homepage!


B. From Readers Visiting the Directories

When you submit articles online they are published on article directories, and people that visit the directories definitely read these so again, make sure you are writing these for people’s reading pleasure and not just to satisfy search engines.


C. Search Engine Listings

This could be your greatest benefit – the directory page on which your article has been listed is a regular web page, and can be listed on Google and the rest just as any other web page.

If your page has been properly optimized for its keyword, then you can get it listed. I submit articles, and some of my submitted articles are listed on Page #1 of Google. Just imagine the traffic that this can provide you with. Imagine if you have a few dozens of articles listed on the first page of search engines for a specific topic related to your product or service which links TO YOUR SITE?!! Just think about that for a minute and the power behind it!

So these are some of the benefits of article writing.


Finally, here is a list of the top 25 places to submit your article directories by traffic and domain authority:



























There are also some tools and applications available to make this process easier and faster, but unless you know exactly what you are doing you can do more harm than good. I recommend doing this process manually. Have fun writing!