Tips for Choosing the Perfect Domain Name

As you begin devising a plan or mock-up for your website, you’ll need to brainstorm good and original domain name ideas. Original and creative domain names are hard to come by these days, however, those that do exist tend to brand themselves well enough to the point where they are able to see a tremendous amount of website traffic. Listed below are four elements one should take into consideration when choosing a proper website domain name:

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Domain NameBrainstorm Keywords: It’s always best to have several keywords or phrases in mind that describe the domain you’re seeking. Furthermore, the keywords or phrases found in your domain name should have something to do with the overall concept of your business. Once you’ve come up with a few keywords, you can start to think of several good domain name ideas.

Don’t Copy an Already Existing Domain Name: Nowadays, you may see some websites that have the same domain name as an already well-established and existing website, except their domain name may be pluralized, contain hyphenations or be purposely misspelled. It’s foolish to envision your website receiving tons of web traffic just because its domain name is similar to an existing popular website’s domain name.

Get the Domain Name that is Easy to Remember: A website like Flickr may sound unusual, but it’s creative and catchy, and thus makes it easy to remember. The old saying of “Quality, not quantity” is easily applicable to brainstorming good domain name ideas. Ultimately, you don’t want your website to be the website that can’t be referred to anyone, due to the level of difficulty of remembering its domain name.

Set Yourself Apart from a Brand: A domain name should be original, catchy and creative; however it should also allow individuals to understand what kind of content is featured on the site when first being heard about.

A good example that accomplishes the tactic of setting a domain apart from a brand is After hearing such a domain name, most people would assume that the site has something to do with books or some type of booking service, and the suffix “Yap” stirs curiosity, but more importantly, makes the domain name catchy and unique. Curiosity, originality and creativity alone can lead to a significant amount of website traffic.

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