Wise Investment or Clever Scam? The Pros and Cons of Buying Web Traffic

If you are in the business of making money on the web, your number one priority is to make others aware of your website. Without traffic, it will be impossible for your online business to reach its sales goals. The eCommerce industry’s secret weapon is generating targeted traffic, and your ability to draw in focused visitors will make or break your online business.


Wise Investment or Clever Scam? The Pros and Cons of Buying Web Traffic


The difference between your site receiving general traffic and targeted traffic is seemingly small, but the effect on your business can be monumental. Targeted traffic consists of consumers who are specifically searching for the products, services or information that your site has to offer, whereas general traffic consists of internet users who are just passing through and taking their money with them. Targeted traffic is the only web traffic that will contribute to your online sales.

If you make an effort, regular traffic will build organically over time. If you are anxious to get the ball rolling, buying web traffic might be the right solution for you. In fact, paid traffic is a wise marketing option for all levels of the eCommerce industry. If you are committed to building your online business, you will have to spend at least a modest sum of money.

Many forms of paid traffic will yield faster, more profitable results than cost-free methods of generating traffic. Exercise caution, however, and invest your time and business capital wisely when purchasing web traffic. Read on to uncover which paid traffic schemes may yield a positive return on investment and which are probably scams.


Return on Investment:
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1. Google AdWords allows you, the advertiser, to create your own ad. With the help of Google AdWords keyword tool, you can better optimize the words and phrases that appear in your ad and are most often associated with your business. When internet users submit phrases to search using Google, your ad may appear alongside the search results.

New to Google AdWords is the option for advertisers to choose the exact website on which they wish their ad to appear. Because you are advertising directly to consumers that are actively interested in what you have to offer, Google AdWords can generate targeted click-thru and untold profit for your online business.

The cost to you is based upon the amount of money that you bid in order to have your ad appear among the most relevant search results. Each time a user clicks on your ad, you pay the fee that you bid (also known as pay-per-click, or PPC marketing). It can add up, but you define your limits and control the cost, and there is potential for a high return on your investment.


2. Sponsored Search programs and pay-per-click marketing are popular among most search engines and their partner sites. Yahoo! offers a marketing program similar to Google’s, called Yahoo! Search Marketing, as does AltaVista, for instance.


3. Paid Inclusion is another search engine marketing product whereby the search engine company charges fees to include websites in their search index. You will incur the cost of an annual subscription for each webpage you wish to be included, and your webpage will be cataloged among the search results relevant to your business.

You can also expect to pay each time a user clicks-thru to your website as a result of the paid inclusion. Approach this marketing option with caution. Most search engine companies offer this type of product, including some of the more popular search engines, and while there may be positive results for your business, there is no guarantee your site will rank high among the most relevant search results. If you do your homework on the most reputable paid inclusion programs, this type of paid traffic could provide a positive return on investment.


4. Pay-per-click advertising for your website does not have to be limited to major search engines but will also yield positive results if your ad is submitted to relevant directories that are specifically related to your business. Keep in mind that using the most relevant keywords throughout your ad and website content will gain the best return on your investment. On the web, content is king, and if you do not take the time to optimize your written content for search engines, you will miss out on the most profitable opportunities for business.


5. Consider, also, the benefits of purchasing advertising space on well-trafficked websites that are relevant to your business, products and services. Make yourself aware of the most popular websites and forums related to your specific business niche and buy advertising space there. Click-thru from these types of sites will yield the most qualified traffic for your online business. Your return on investment is pretty much guaranteed if you are advertising to the very people who are interested in exactly what you have to offer. Why would you waste your time and money advertising anywhere else?


6. Oftentime, purchasing ad space on relevant websites is directly linked to Affiliate Marketing. These ad spaces typically accommodate paid ads that range in price and size from buttons, banners, pop-up, and pop-under advertising. When you purchase ad space on another website through affiliate marketing, the owner of the site you are advertising on will receive a commission for any sales that your online business makes as a direct result from traffic flowing from their site. This can be a very lucrative paid traffic program for both the advertiser and the affiliate, but only when you place ads upon, and form affiliations with, well-trafficked websites that are related to your business and you know will generate qualified visitors.


7. Button, banner, pop-up and pop-under advertising can run the cheapest on the expense scale, and when they are placed on websites that appeal directly to your targeted consumer, you can bet this may pan out to be your best-paid traffic investment. Be aware, however, that many internet users now have software that prevents pop-ups and pop-under advertising from appearing on their screen. If you choose to use pop-ups and pop-under ads, you must be prepared to accept that much of the time your ad will not be viewed by your target consumer.

Only place your pop-up and pop-under ads on relevant sites with loyal, qualified users who are likely to be interested in your offer. Invest wisely in this sort of venture in order to get a good return on your investment because the chips are stacked against you and it might not be worth it.


8. Fixed banners and fixed links are a great investment when placed on high-quality, well-trafficked sites that are relevant to your online business. Placing fixed links and banners on related sites that rank well in search engines will directly improve your own site’s search engine rank. When dealing with well-known, reputable sites, this can be a very safe advertising investment, but beware that some sites have abused this technique in the past and ads appeared too minuscule for visitors to see, if they were present at all.

When dealing with honest website owners, this can be a mutually profitable exchange for both the advertiser and the affiliate, and sometime the fixed link will be free of charge if you are willing to place their link on your site. Fixed link and fixed banner advertising can yield a tremendous return on your investment when positioned where search engines and qualified traffic can best view them.


Buyer Beware:
A. Beware of spending your business capital on Automated Submission software. This scam preys on website owners who are impatient for results. A company with a “Directory Submission tool” promises to automatically submit your website and articles to thousands of directories. The problem is, only you are the expert on the specific niche you have carved out for your online business, and you are better equipped to search for and identify the most relevant directories for your submissions. Do not buy this kind of traffic. It is better to invest your money in your own time than it is to throw it away on a scam.


B. Beware of buying redirected traffic. Domain names that have not been renewed by their owners but still possess an established rank on search engines are highly sought after for the reselling industry.  The domain buyers are aware that the sites will appear as relevant, ranked results when people search for certain keywords, and they will sell you that link so that you can redirect the traffic to your own site.

It is a very clever way to increase your traffic, but before you buy, you must do your homework and make yourself aware of the type of traffic the site received in the past. Do not invest your money in anything other than a domain with traffic that is already related to your business, products and services. If you take the time to acquire a link that makes sense to redirect to your site, there is a viable opportunity to generate sales for your online business.


C. Do not buy bulk traffic and its promise to deliver thousands of unique visits from paying consumers. Many who have fallen victim to this scheme invested thousands of dollars. Instead of receiving unique traffic with an expressed interest in your products and services, often the hits are false and are automatically sent from a cluster of IP addresses. Don’t get scammed by bulk traffic and automatic submission software.


Paid traffic can be of tremendous benefit to your online business when you make good choices and focus a great deal of time and effort into search engine optimization and specific, appropriate directory submissions. You know your products and services better than anyone else, and you know how to best fulfill the needs of your consumers. Make a commitment to maintain high standards for your online business and you will see measurable growth in traffic and increased sales in no time.

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