V8Web is a results-driven agency when it comes to digital marketing. We do not design cheap “brochure websites” for people to admire. Those sites might look good, but they will not address the ultimate goal, which is to gain new customers. Instead, we use this three-step process to make your phone ring, your email ding and your door swing open:We learn about you, your business and goals.

Then, we do our research before giving you our recommendations for designing an effective website and increasing your web presenceAfter your website is completed, we do additional, in-depth research about your competitors and provide recommendations to help your site rank as well as or better than your competition on Google.com.As we direct and promote your digital marketing campaign, together, we track the web and incoming traffic to clearly measure the results, then adjust and re-adjust to your best advantage.

If you are serious about gaining new customers, choose V8Web will help you plan and implement a cost-effective marketing strategy to achieve that increase in clients and revenue. For over a decade, our online marketing agency has been helping clients bring in new customers they need to grow their business.

We’ll create a great-looking website for you, but we don’t stop there. With our company, that’s just the beginning, because we know that your ultimate goal is to boost your sales, reputation, and profits.Our professionals at V8Web are here to help. What are you waiting for? Give us a call today at (612) 590-8080 for a free consultation!

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Common Reasons Why People Choose V8Web.com

I. More and more businesses have seen Yellow Page ads no longer delivering a return on investment. Business owners are also seeing their websites bringing in fewer customers than before. Together, these noticeable changes beg two questions:

  • a. What is happening?
  • b. How can we get our website to perform better than the competition?

First, in the last 15+ years, consumers’ search behaviors have changed considerably. More and more people use the internet to find business providers, instead of using the conventional Yellow Pages.A majority of consumers access the internet using their mobile computing devices like laptops, tablets and smartphones. This change in consumer behavior has made the traditional ads in the Yellow Pages obsolete. Even with the online version, it still can’t compete with Google.com.

Furthermore, consumers now expect a professional business to have a mobile responsive design, which means it must be user-friendly no matter which mobile device is used to find the website.Any business website that does not meet this expectation will lose the opportunity to turn their website’s visitors into customers, no matter how much money they spend on advertising to drive traffic to their site.In addition, Google has rolled out its major algorithm change defining how it ranks websites. This major algorithm update is called Mobile-first Index, where it now only uses data from mobile devices’ activities to rank websites on its search engine going forward. This is a major factor you should consider when hiring a web design firm to build your website.

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Second, with so many brochure websites emerging online each day, it is harder for consumers to select good providers quickly. So, to save time, people skim over the content to see which provider demonstrates the best understanding of the customers’ needs.

The customers’ next step is to read Google reviews or testimonials about that business before deciding whether to contact that provider or move on to another.If you want your business website to pass that screening process with flying colors, you need a web design team who can develop an effective website for your specific business, not just a good-looking brochure website. And that is how you effectively leverage your website to convert visitors into customers.

II. Most people eventually want full control of their business website, so they can make changes quickly and save money on website updates. At V8Web, we empower our clients with control of their websites.Better yet, we even coach each client ahead of time (right after their website design project is completed) on how to make website changes, so they are well prepared right out of the gate.

III. Are you tired of waiting for days (if not weeks) for your web design provider to get back to you? At V8Web, speedy customer service is our motto. Our clients’ emails to us receive a reply in less than 24 hours (and in most cases, we respond in less than 8 hours). We believe, as our clients, your business success is our success. Thus, what’s important to you is important to us. Period.In short, people in Faribault choose V8Web because of these 3 things:

  1. We stay up to date with the latest digital marketing trends, so we can help our clients.
  2. We empower our clients with control of their websites while viewing them as partners, not “cash cows.”
  3. We are responsive and professional, serving our clients in ways that matter most to them.

For a free consultation, please call us today at (612) 590-8080. We look forward to partnering with you to attract new customers to your business.

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Traditional marketing alone is no longer enough to help your organization establish a competitive edge in today’s environment. Consumers rely on digital tools more and more for work, commerce, and socializing; today you need to work with both traditional and online marketing in your promotional campaigns to yield maximum results.

Nowadays, the world is a smaller place because of the power of interactive media. You can contact anyone, anywhere, anytime. Thus, you need a full-service digital marketing agency like ours to help you leverage the internet to your advantage.V8Web is a select team of creative designers, skilled programmers and intelligent online marketers; people with many years of experience in design, programming and marketing.V8Web is designed to be your virtual marketing team; we can help your organization establish a strong presence online or be a dedicated member of your marketing team to help you further streamline your marketing strategies.Our digital marketing services include: Search Engines Optimization (SEO), Local Marketing, Social Media Marketing/Management, and Brand Marketing. For a free consultation, please contact us at (612) 590-8080 for a free consultation.


“V8Web has been amazing to work with. We chose them for their technical expertise, creative design and forward thinking ideas. They also provide a discount for non-profit organizations which made it affordable for us. Initially, it was overwhelming trying to determine the best way to organize all our information in an easy to navigate site. Once V8Web stepped in, it became clear we were working with a professional team that really cared about our needs.It was also important to us to be able to maintain control over updating our site’s content. We continue to meet periodically for further training, to share new ideas and discuss analytics. They keep us up-to-date with changing internet requirements. They are dedicated to quality customer service. V8Web is affordable, reliable and they delivered results that surpassed our expectations!”

Patrice Ciernia, Marketing – Three Links

“I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Phong and the very service minded organization, V8Web. They have created the perfect website that speaks for itself. More importantly, they did it with accuracy, speed and incredible service. Phong was prompt in answering email and phone messages. He was very clear and educational when explaining the services his organization offers, and his follow up was amazing. This kind of service is seldom seen in business’s these days.Best of all, we have seen tremendous growth in our organization since V8Web renovated our web site. People who visit always comment about the great website, that it’s very informative, attractive, and easy to use.”

Thanks Phong! Sarah K. - www.NorthfieldDayCareCenter.org

“Our business website needed an overhaul and we cannot be more pleased with the professional job that V8Web did for us. From the beginning to the end of the project they were always available to help and answer any and all questions no matter how small. I would highly recommend this company to design your website, you will not be disappointed.”

Joyce W. - www.NorthfieldAutoBody.com

Faribault Website Design & Marketing, Minnesota

Gaining new customers is an important goal for most businesses, and to reach that goal, you need experienced marketing professionals to lead the way. Since digital marketing has become the key channel for business promotions, you need a skilled team of internet marketers to help you establish a prominent web presence to complement and surpass the opportunities available with traditional marketing.

With mobile devices so readily connected to the internet, consumers are just a click away from finding businesses like yours. You might have already witnessed that “interruptive” marketing techniques such as TV ads, direct mail, Yellow Page ads, etc. are much less effective these days, while digital marketing has become a preferred source with highly effective results.

Today, customers will find you through search engines, social media, and websites. In other words, customers are in control of where and how to find the information and providers they need.

To connect with your target audience effectively, digital marketers like us (who live on the web) can help you get your message in front of your potential customers online.More often than not, the web is also their first choice for finding information, making comparisons, and selecting products and services. Contact us today for a free consultation.