Building a Successful Email Marketing List

Today we are going to talk about the ways to promote your website which most website owners are aware of or are already doing. This is what’s called Email Marketing Campaigns, Email marketing is an excellent way to reach out to people interested in what you have to offer.


Building a Successful Email Marketing List


In fact, they should only be people who are interested in what you have to offer or say. Building a solid database is very important. With this, you can reach out to your audience directly and almost instantly. This can be one of the quickest ways to build a relationship with your future, current, and past customers.

One thing to keep in mind as you are growing your subscriber directory is that quality is more important than quantity. Yes, we all want a big list, but adding random names and email addresses or forcing unwilling people to subscribe will actually hurt your newsletter. A list of 100 eager readers will bring you better results than a list of 1,000 strangers who have little interest in your product or service.


Here are a few ways to start building your newsletter list:

1. Get email addresses of ALL past and current clients. From now on, you should always get new clients’ email addresses as part of your regular information gathering. Put a space on your contract for this. Call all past clients and let them know that you’d like to offer them a free subscription to your valuable newsletter.

2. Print a sign-up form and bring it with you to every networking and business meeting. Ask everyone you meet if they’d like a free subscription to your valuable newsletter.

3. Add a newsletter sign-up box to your web page. Most newsletter service providers will give you a personal code that you simply need to copy and paste onto your homepage. If you don’t have a website, put the sign-up box anywhere that you have a web presence, like Facebook, Myspace, online portfolio, etc.

4. Tweet about your newsletter. Social networking is a great way to build your list. As you build relationships and make connections with people around the world, invite them to subscribe to your valuable design newsletter.

5. Use your business card. Instead of just listing a few services and products, use your card to create a call to action. “Get your free subscription to our valuable newsletter by going to…”

7. Write articles. Sound Familiar? Yes, we just covered this in a different scenario. This has been one of my quickest list-building tools. You can write an article and have it published in someone else’s newsletter – someone who is in a similar business with your same target audience, but who is not a direct competitor. Make sure you end the article with “Click here to get your free subscription to…”


A good email marketing service available is constant contact. Follow these steps and you are on your way to creating a high-quality newsletter list!