Digital Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

Today I am going to outline digital marketing tips for the small business owners.

Digital Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

Tip 1: Update our website’s content often with fresh content.

Update our site often, you have to add fresh content to your site on a regular basis. This fresh content serves both your readers, user or customers along with the search engines. As a small business owner, it is not just enough to put up information on your products also speak about the industry share your knowledge and experience. You have to drive traffic to your site and get eyes to your products and services.

Tip 2: Start understanding keywords

As a small business owner, you have to start understanding keywords and how they work. This is a vital skill for you if you want to be found online. As you know when we go to the search engine we type in the keywords or phrases of what we are looking for. The search engines return exactly what they deem as relevant. Therefore as a small business owner, we have to understand how to write it correctly to climb the search engines.

Tip 3: Start embracing social media

Start embracing social media and set up all the different accounts correctly. Also, I see many small businesses set up a personal page for their business, which is a common mistake. You should create a business Facebook page for your business within your personal Facebook account.

Tip 4: Facebook use it as your business page

When you are using Facebook use it as your business page. Therefore when you like other peoples stuff it shows up as your business. Now please do not go crazy here because you don’t want to appear like you are spamming them. It’s the fast patch to get your Facebook page banned. So, only post helpful information to network on Facebook.

Tip 5: Engage with other businesses

Engage with other businesses online by asking questions as well as answering questions. Also, do not be afraid to share others material if it is helpful or worthy. You can really stand out in your industry and create a very strong presence for your business if you share unique and helpful content.

Tip 6: Read read

Read read and keep educating yourself on the topic of internet marketing. This is the way of the future. If you are a small business owner ignoring this and you are dead in the water. It is in your interest to start understanding how marketing is done online and this will pay you dividends going forward.

Tip 7: Personalize your Small Business

Personalize your small business is the key to success here online. YOU, yes you the small business owner you have to add your personality to your web presence. Keep in mind people buy from people. It is you that people will trust as a small business owner and in turn buy your products or services.

Many small businesses have websites nowadays. However, they often avoid showing personality through their website. It is very important that you the business owner become the face of your business. It is from here that you set yourself apart among others, which will in turn help you build trust and credibility.

Our own behavior online: Let’s think about it for a moment; if you land on a website that has loads of information and it is not structured, you are likely to leave. Many sites state “I started this business etc.” but I see no images or video. You ask yourself who this person is… It is here that you introduce your business, you tell your story through a personal presentation or using a video.

Showcase your personality: Many people like to remain anonymous online and this may be as a result of many reasons. None of which I am going to waste time speaking about. In an offline environment, we as a small or local business owner are synonymous with our business. Therefore, we have to adopt the same attitude online.

We have to embrace social media platforms:
1. Blogs
2. Google +
3. YouTube
4. LinkedIn
5. FaceBook
6. Twitter

Yes, we the small business owner has to create content on a regular basis and share our experience and knowledge through your content. We have to personalize everything, It is from here we will stand out from all those generic competitors.

If you have a website you have to highlight who you are and show your passion and knowledge for your business. You have to show potential customers that you are the small or local business that they should purchase from. In short, you have to inspire and motivate your potential customers to do business with you.

When you start personalizing your small business you will gain a following and people will join you on different platforms. You will start gaining authority and credibility within your business.

You will become recognizable instantaneously as you will share your content across different platforms. This will expand your marketing net and customers within your niche will start to see you are everywhere; therefore, you must be credible. From here they will come.

So that’s it for today. Just a quick post to get you realising the success of your small or local business is in your hands and you have to personalize your small business.